The Bricklayers – Medieval Folklore

The Bricklayers

Once upon a time, in the middle of a large city, there were many workers working round the clock constructing a gigantic building.

A master came along and spotted three bricklayers, pausing to have a sip of tea in the middle of their work.

“What are you doing?” The master asked each of them.

The first man answered gruffly, “Are you blind? I’m laying bricks.”

The second man replied in a miserable tone, “I’m putting up a wall and it is back-breaking work. But of course, I get paid regularly, so I suppose it is all right.”

The third man lifted his hands to the sky and said, enthusiastically and with pride, “I’m building a cathedral.”


There is a part II to this story that was developed afterwards!

After several years, the master thought, let me go back to that same place and see what has become of the three bricklayers.

He found that the first one was still laying bricks.

The second had become rich and had a few men working under him.

The third had become an angel!

Source: Medieval Folklore



It is not what we do in life that matters, but with what attitude. As we keep our consciousness elevated in any task, we move towards that goal automatically. So ask yourself today, what are you doing in life, and why?

PS/ Life should be easy…

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