Brahma Baba… A Wonderful Personality

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Brahma Baba… A Wonderful Personality…



In Memory of 18th January 1969,
The Ascension Day of Brahma Baba


Dada Lekhraj Kirpalani was born in Hyderabad, India, in 1884.  Although he was a very royal personality, born to simple parents, he could little have known where the stars would lead him.  Dada became a wealthy businessman from his own efforts, and went on to become a spiritual pioneer!

As he began his spiritual awakening, his whole life was turned upside down as he made a 360 degree turn, making the transition from worldly wealth to spiritual wealth.  Dada would later become known as Brahma Baba as his part unfolded.  He became an instrument of the Divine for spiritual upliftment, improving the lives of many souls.

Who was this mysterious man who seemed to appear from nowhere?  Who in the 1930’s suddenly became a local media sensation in some city in pre-partition India?  Why did the whole community, who had formerly loved him and who would have been proud to call him friend, change their attitude towards Brahma Baba?  What happened?

We can see some parallels with other social reformers, who wanted to bring about some positive social changes.  They also met with resistance from those not wishing to upset their status quo.  Here Brahma Baba was seeking to uplift members of the community, and especially the women who had little or no rights or power at the time.  So you can imagine that there was quite a bit of boat rocking as he tried to equalize the lives of women.  From the ‘downgraded’ state of women Brahma Baba wanted to ‘upgrade’ them, and indeed he did this wholeheartedly giving them a lead role in the community which became known as the Brahma Kumaris.  Brahma Baba wanted the women to be able to make their own choices in life, to live a pure and spiritual life and to be independent, if they wished to make that choice.

Here are just a few examples of how Brahma Baba gave freedom and rights to women on this spiritual path.  In the early days Brahma Baba created a trust and made the sisters responsible for the management and running of the community.  Brahma Baba placed women in the lead of the organization, and there were many women who flourished in this environment.  Mama became the first president, then there was Didi Manmohini and Dadi Prakashmani, who became the Administrative Heads; followed by Dadi Janki as their successor.  Currently Dadi Ratanmohini is the Head of the Brahma Kumaris.  We also have Sister Mohini and Sister Jayanti, as joint additional administrative heads.  There are several others who are part of a team as the organization has grown at an international level.

This women led organization, but by no means exclusively attended by women, leads from a place of wholeness in supporting souls to find their true potential at a spiritual level.  Bringing a balance between both the male and female qualities of the soul.  Qualities that the world definitely needs at the present time; the more feminine loving, caring and compassionate aspects of our nature.

Here are some shared stories from the ancestors of the Brahma Kumaris, both the departed and some who are still living.  Brahma Baba was a very humble, loving and caring soul.  The stories illustrate some of the qualities of Brahma Baba, and how through his self-discipline in life he led by his own example.

Baba’s steadfastness
During those days I went to Amarnath (pilgrimage place) with Baba.  We were on horses, and then a big storm came… many turned back, but Baba did not stop… he said we have to reach our destination.  I noticed that Baba’s promise was always firm.  He was very courageous and he never feared a difficult path.  At last we reached there… Baba was in a very normal form, but the pujari, devotional people, they felt that he was some king who had come.  Then Baba asked: “How does this ice Shivaling get created?”  They did not want to tell him at first, but seeing that Baba looked like a king, they finally shared all the secrets!

Dadi Nirmal Shanta

Baba loved accuracy
Baba believed in accuracy and efficiency both.  You may have heard the story about the toli, the sweets.  One time, Didi brought toli and they were not of equal pieces.  Baba did not say anything at that time.  Then Baba asked: “Who made the toli pieces?”  Because whoever got a big or small piece, they would have waste thoughts.  Now… every toli is perfectly cut to size and they use a ruler/measure to help them do it.  Baba loved accuracy.


Baba liked you to be fast like electricity!
You know Baba used to get some of these dolls and toys as gifts from some students in London.  During the afternoons, Baba would call the mothers who would be there visiting him from afar.  He would affectionately call them Gopis.  They were those toys which would move once wound up with a key.  He would call Lachu Dadi to wind up these toys and entertain the mothers who had been working hard all morning with these dolls and toys… and she had to be so fast to get this whole show going.  There was a saying that: “He wants us to be like electricity!”  To do everything very fast.  So I like that quality of Baba’s, of efficiency and accuracy in everything.

Sister Mohini, USA

How Baba entertained the children when food was short
Then while seeing the post Baba used to say, “Children, check if any money order has come or not.” By checking they would say, “Yes Baba.”  Then Baba would immediately say to them to go, “Bring rice, dal etc., and prepare a meal quickly.” After the meal was prepared and we started eating then Baba would say, “Do you know, today there was nothing for breakfast so I took you all to the jungle to eat cherries.”  It was so amazing to see how Baba diverted our attention that none of us felt hungry and instead we enjoyed eating cherries. So in this way Baba used to sustain the children.  Baba never made us feel that there was something lacking or there was any scarcity.  Baba himself always used to be cheerful and tactfully make all of us happy and cheerful by playing and having fun.  We all were so contented and happy to be with Baba.

Sister Mohini, Madhuban

Baba was very stable and remained in the awareness of being an instrument
I witnessed several specialities in Beloved Baba which I never found in others.  Baba was very stable and fearless.  His nature was sweet and simple.  He had an extremely humble yet elevated personality and an amazing power to discriminate and decide.  Being very clear yet easy, one saw the constant feeling of being an instrument in Baba.  Brahma Baba always considered himself as an instrument of God.

Being in the company of Beloved Baba helped the soul experience its natural qualities.  For example, I too experience the qualities of fearlessness and humility in myself.  I also love clarity very much.  It is then easy to make a decision in any matter or situation, without bias.  It seems that everyone belongs to Baba and to me. There’s special attention on the self and so I also like solitude very much.  I always have the thought to make our gathering powerful.

Brother Amirchand, Chandigarh


Baba builds a path of stones for me
It happened once, during the monsoon season that it was raining heavily.  At that time I was sitting in the training centre. I came outside the room to go to the class; there was lots of water out there where there is now the Tower of Peace, bricks were kept there to step on and go to the other side. I was going slowly stepping on those bricks. Baba was coming from the opposite side, his eyes fell on me. He might have thought that children are feeling difficulty. At the side were kept long stones, Baba started putting two bricks and the long stone on the top of it right then. Looking at Baba all the children came running and within few minutes a bridge made of stones was ready. Really how egoless was Beloved Baba!

Sudarshan Bhen, Gurgaon, India

Baba taught us young children to give the message to adults
Government officers came to visit us once at Om Niwas.  Om Niwas, the school building was very tall and Baba had the Om sign made out of electric light bulbs put on it so it could be seen from a far distance, even from the railway station.  When those officials came, Baba had us act out short plays with moral messages embedded.  The officers listened and understood that it was indirectly for them.  Baba always used to say that if young children explain knowledge to adults they won’t feel bad about it, or take it as an insult.  So, Baba used to prepare a dialogue as per the situation and time and have it enacted by the children.  Baba was creative in this way.

Dadi Gulzar

Baba never allowed wasteful thinking
Baba also used to read the children’s minds.  If there was any upheaval Baba would console them.  Once, I went to Baba in his hut with some turmoil in my mind.  On seeing me, Baba immediately advised, “Child, do you remember that life is a drama?  Drama is beneficial.  By always keeping along the track of drama you will remain unshakable and immovable.”  Baba would never allow any wasteful thinking at all.  He used to make us children strong through knowledge and power.

The game of an engine and train compartments
Baba would sometimes vary his way of giving leave to the children.  He would sometimes make everyone stand in a line and give almond and sugar candy.  Then, he would stand in the front with all the children behind him, forming a train.  “Children, the double-engine is in front, you are the compartments behind.”  Baba used to lead the train as far as the back gate when he would separate and wave the train on with a handkerchief.  The children used to move on looking back at Baba and Baba used to stand and wave as long as the children were visible.  My heart would sing: Who could love us so much!

Sister Poornima, Nadiad

Baba personally answered every child’s letter
Baba used to tell each teacher to write a letter to Baba at least once in fifteen days.  He would stipulate, “Don’t just write service news, but also how you explained knowledge to others.”  Once, I wrote in a letter:  Baba, I told one person that we give this knowledge for free because this is the knowledge from God who is the Father of all souls.  Would a Father take a fee from His child?  However, you definitely have to give five false coins to imbibe knowledge.”  (I meant the five coins as in giving up the five vices.)  Baba sent me a long letter in reply, in which he asked me: “Why did you say ‘five false coins’?  I simply meant the 5 vices.  They might think that we are asking for money.”  Thus, Baba used to draw children’s attention towards each aspect and correct us.  In such ways, Baba used to guide us.

Sister Santosh, Sion, Mumbai

When we remember the lives and wisdom of our ancestors, we come to deeply appreciate their wisdom.  All our elders do indeed become the repositories of history, of time and truth.  Our elders are really precious and the more we can learn from them, then the wiser we become too.  This is a truth that the indigenous people through-out the world naturally understand, and something that perhaps we in our modern world should also value, reflect upon and remember.

It’s Time… to appreciate the simplicity of life and use our natural wisdom.

© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK












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