Back to Nature

Back to Nature

We work so hard to be able to afford luxury goods, only to find out after our ‘enlightenment’ that nature’s gifts have longer lasting and better health benefits than our expensive accessories!

smiley glassesTake sunglasses for example. People pay sky-high prices for designer glasses to look beautiful and bolder! Yet, wearing sunglasses and staying out of the sun all of the time may actually be a reason for some of our health problems. Although some caution is required, studies prove that it’s vitally important to take in natural sunlight for the health of the eyes and for Vitamin D through the skin. Ancient Chinese and Vedic practitioners have known about the sun and its power to heal, rejuvenate and prolong life for centuries. Yet we sophisticated modern day humans think we know better!

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We invest in expensive training shoes every year. The price shoots higher and higher for the best, most powerful, most bouncy and lightest trainers. Yet walking bare-footed on the earth has recently been hailed as the greatest health-enhancing discovery of the decade. In fact our predecessors never walked in Jimmy Choo or Lacoste shoes! Walking on grass (especially in early mornings when the dew is still present) gets you in touch with the beneficial magnetic fields of the earth. Our feet have pressure points corresponding to the organs in the body. As we press on these by walking barefoot, we gently stimulate those organs activating good health. So our ancestors were reaping this health benefit long before it was ‘remembered’ in modern times.

smiley and trainersTalking of trainers, we also spend extravagantly on designer labels when it comes to sportswear! Natural white cotton was always the preferred clothing; yet modern technology claims spandex and Lycra serve us better. Nylon and polyester just fill the landmines when we are finished with them, and do not allow our bodies to breathe. Good quality cotton clothing, simple and white, is still the best investment.

In Kuwait, despite it being 50 degrees centigrade outside, it’s often very cold – indoors! Air conditioning keeps us cool from the scorching heat and our bodies can never adjust to the natural heat of the outdoors. So we are constantly switching from 50 degrees outside to 21 degrees inside. Although AC may be comfortable, it can’t be good for our health, creating an unnatural environment, harboring germs and aggravating skin disorders. In days gone by, buildings were cleverly constructed so that there was a natural air flow.Smiley sweating

‘Natural’ food is automatically organic… and yet these days we are obliged to pay over the odds for something that comes with a label certifying that it is free from GM, pesticides, fungicides and hormones… all of which we did not ask for in the first place!

Smiley GMOIt seems that, in the name of technical advancement, the world has reached the extreme in artificiality and in-authenticity. It’s not just what we wear and consume, it’s also the attitudes we adopt and the way we see and portray ourselves in the world. We have moved away from respecting and appreciating Mother Nature, and also from appreciating our own true nature.

What is natural is true and real… and also free. It is the time now to become sensible once again, time to return to what is natural. This means living in harmony with nature, and also living our true nature, free, and in peace with ourselves and others.

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Thankfully there are more and more people in the world each year who decide to ignore the consumer hype, grow their own food, seek out pure spring water, build their own eco-friendly and healthy ‘mud huts’ and run barefoot in the park. There are also many people seeking self real-isation through practices such as meditation.

It’s Time… to return to our natural nature of peace, truth and love. When we connect with the real-ity of who we are, then we see the artificial for what it is… then we no longer need to buy into the illusion that we need anything more than we already have.

Share these thoughts! ‘It’s Time…’ is spreading far and wide! Feel free to forward this wisdom, but to avoid any karmic rebound, please acknowledge its source – ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London


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