How aware are we as we go about our business of the day?  Are we actually present in a mindful sense?  If we registered every moment we would remember it later, so why do we forget?  Surely there is a part of us that switches off at times.  Is it that we do not care to remember?  Or is it that we are just not as conscious, focused and aware as we should be?

Most of the time we are unaware of our thoughts, words and actions.  We think things and then wonder why we are creating the life that we are.  We speak our words in tones and drones and wonder why people are reacting in odd ways back at us.  We behave in odd selfish ways and wonder why no one loves us.  Well, we just wonder a lot…  We seem not to be able to join the dots of what is happening in our life and to us.  We are too busy looking at our icloud when we should be looking up at the clouds!  We fail to see that we are the creator!

As I travel around the world, I see that more and more people are losing this ability to be alert and aware.  If we were aware: We would not leave our shoes right in front of the door – for others to trip over.  We would not park in odd places – blocking others, or taking the place of two cars – hence depriving others of a space.  We would not leave a mess on the table for others to clean up.  We would not take more than we need from the planet.  We would share and care more.  Basically we would be more mindful and considerate.  Then why aren’t we?

Being aware is of course number wise.  Perhaps that is why we say we all wake up differently and at different times.  As I become more aware of my time, the value of my money, my purpose, my family, my planet, my health etc., I begin to give it greater value.  My priorities begin to change.  For where I might have given more time to shopping, I now spend more time volunteering!  For where I might have wasted that money, I begin to donate it to good causes.  All in all, I start to live a more fruitful, giving, engaged and abundant life…   and I find that I am happier for it.

In his book, Dr Dan Seigel gives us an in-depth look at the science that underlies the effectiveness of meditation.  This book teaches readers how to harness the power of the principles of science and the brain: “Where attention goes, neural firing flows, and neural connection grows.” Siegel reveals how developing a Wheel of Awareness can help us in our daily living.  This practice is to focus attention, be open to awareness, and cultivate kindly intentions that can literally help us grow a healthier brain, reduce fear, anxiety, and stress in our life.

Here is an image of “The Wheel of Awareness”, by Dr Dan Seigel.  The hub represents the experience of awareness itself — knowing — while the rim contains all the points of anything we can become aware of, that which is known to us. We can send a spoke out to the rim to focus our attention on one point or another on the rim. In this way, the wheel of awareness becomes a visual metaphor for the integration of consciousness as we differentiate rim-elements and hub-awareness from each other and link them with our focus of attention.


As we practice being more and more aware of all that is going on in and around us, we are training our mind, and we will become consciously engaged beings and not simply a passive someone.  A conscious mind is alert and active, more intuitive and can make better decisions.  Wow!  Just so many benefits from choosing to be present and aware and awake.  Then why don’t we do it more often?

Awareness means to be using all the five senses at the same time: seeing, smelling, listening, touching and tasting and we can be enjoying all of these senses in a state of peace and happiness.  We are then able to work at full steam, using our full potential so to speak.  We can take in the most and experience the highest and best.

To be aware does not mean to get trapped.  Spiritual awareness means to be engaged, but yet to remain detached, that is non-attached.  That is why a spiritual life is called a lotus life; one remains within the world and yet beyond the world, but not influenced by the world.

Finally let us become aware of all the treasures that we have inside of us.  Each one of us is bestowed with many spiritual and divine gifts that are priceless.  Some of us have those in the form of strength, or courage, enthusiasm, kindness and generosity.  Whatever it may be, but once we become aware of our strengths and we kick start them through use, then we will be shining and glowing wherever we go!

In Hindi the term for meditation is ‘dhyan’.  To sit in meditation would imply sitting in ‘dhyan’.  Dhyan also has a double meaning: which is what we give our attention to.  Hence when we meditate we decide what we will give our attention to.  As we train our mind to focus on the right things, then in meditation this discipline helps us to create a natural and easy focus in life.  Choose what to give your awareness to, for it will help you later in your meditation!

It’s Time…  To come off the icloud and look up at the clouds!  Now is no time for us to fall asleep and become unconscious under the blanket of illusion.  It’s time to be aware and to stay awake!


© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK



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Renu Gupta

Excellent article !
“Spiritual life is like life of lotus , staying in the world but still beyond the world and not influenced by the world “ Very true !


I am meditating for19 years asa abhyasi


Dear BK Aruna ji,

I listened you in Kuwait meetings and now I am privileged to read your blogs too which are awesome and wisdom full .


Om Shanti
Being alive and Conscious at this time on this planet requires more focus and discipline than ever before. Thank you for these beautiful tools. Om Shanti