Free Will, Choice and Consequence

Free Will, Choice and Consequence




Image by Marion Wellmann from Pixabay


At this moment in time Nature is proving Her supremacy.  We are witnessing the exasperation of Nature.  We are seeing that formidable force which we thought we could control with all our technological and scientific armoury.  But humankind has had to come to terms with the fact that we have all lost that battle to the power of Nature, and She has victory!

As a result Nature has locked us away in our homes, like the alarmed mother sending her kids into a corner for some ‘time out’ to reflect on their actions.  The whole world is in detention!!

Is this punishment?  No, it is not… The word punishment is heavy and burdensome, and makes us feel like we have done something wrong or we are sinners… We are not intentional sinners… Most of us are naïve, and most of us are not true sinners in a mindful way, but we have become more mindless.  We are simply lost.  When we are lost, we venture into forbidden territory, this does not make us sinners, this makes us ignorant, unenlightened, unconscious and asleep.  In our carelessness and casual relationship with Nature, we have taken many things in life for granted.

Many spiritual and physical laws have been broken.  Through the consumerism agenda we have mugged the planet!!  We have polluted the planet, and we have to pay the fine which we are paying now.  Just as when we trespass into a ‘no go zone’, then we have to pay a fine.  We cannot plead innocence at that point and be excused even if it was all done in ignorance.  The fine is the withdrawal of privilege as we are unable to go out and freely ‘enjoy’ Nature’s beauty and glory.  This is not a punishment; this is a consequence of our actions.

It is important to distinguish between the two.  Punishment implies that someone out there is punishing us; that we are being judged and penalized and then sentenced.  That is not the case.  We are responsible for everything we have created, both individually and collectively.  So, we will be the ones who decide the outcome when we change.

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Our enthusiastic and fired-up minds create inventions and new toys beyond belief.  We bring people into power as our leaders.  We allow them to take decisions about our health (medical), and wealth (economy), and we give them the power to govern our lives.  As we watch certain programs on You Tube and TV or any other platform, we by our actions give ‘popularity’ and ‘approval’ to them, thus increasing the supply of more of the same.

Then we wonder why our children do not listen to their elders anymore.  As we see these mediums adulterating our children’s minds’ and giving new ideas to our teenagers, we forget that we asked for it.  We created it.  So in other words, what is happening in the whole world is our creation.  What we sow, ‘so shall we reap’.  We wanted to dabble in the mud and so we got dirty, we played with fire and got burnt.  It’s as simple as that, so why should we be surprised?  Everything that is happening is a consequence of our actions and not a punishment.

There is a lot of fear in the world today.  But who created that fear?  Let’s accept it… whatever we feed with the energy of our attention; we will give life to it.  Indeed, the fear will increase if we continue living with fearful thoughts, if we let the fear pervade our minds then it will distort the love and compassion in our hearts.

Actually, what are we?  We are light-workers.  What is it that we light-workers have to do?  We have to increase our light by coming back into the conscious awareness of the truth of our being-ness as pure loving lights.  As pure soul energy beings.

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

What is the Light?

Love is light.
Peace is light.
Kindness is light.
Generosity is light.
Compassion is light.
Every virtue and every form of goodness is light.
Let us continue to act with light, from light and ‘be’ in the light.

The forces of darkness cannot exist in the light because they are afraid of the truth, they are afraid of being exposed by the light.  And who is the Greatest Light of all?  God is the Supreme Light.  We all have to raise our vibration in the world… with lightness.  The dark forces will attempt to continue to create more darkness.  But what happens in the darkness?  Darkness confuses us.  In darkness we cannot see clearly, we stumble and we become afraid.  In light, we can see everything clearly and move forwards confidently towards the truth.

We have to keep reminding ourselves that the Purest and most Powerful Light is God’s Light.  The Divine One is the Ever-Shining Light that never gets polluted.  That is why God is remembered as the Purifier.  God’s Shine is never diminished.  God is the ultimate Canopy of Protection.  Let us visualise staying under the rays of Light and Love of the Divine.

Finally, to remember that FREE WILL is playing out here.  We are all choosing to play the parts we want to play.  Free will is for all of us to choose.  It is in our hands.  We do not need it to be handed down to us.  We are choosing, with our every thought, word and deed.  Choose well.  Recognize the power within the soul.  Together as we all choose the way of the light, we will light up the world, one light at a time.

We understand how the law of attraction works.  Whatever we focus our attention on we give power to.  This is why we have to be very careful about what we are entertaining in our mind.  Fear is a low energy vibration, it paralyses us.  Whatever we think about attracts more of the same to us.  We must be vigilant with our mind and pay attention to keep our vibrations high and our mind in the light.  We all know what happens when we don’t, we are seeing the results today.

We also have to come back to the love and generous heartedness which is part of our own nature.  We have to start to care for the well-being of ourselves and others.  We must be careful that this ‘social distancing’ and ‘isolationism’ does not desensitise us, and rob us of our common bond of humanity because we are all spiritually connected and we are all one.

It’s Time… to exercise Free Will and Choice and to take the power back into our own hands.  To recognize with love, gratitude and respect, the power of Nature, and return to The Light and The Love.


© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK


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