The recent departure of a very special soul has left me asking the question: What is it that matters most at the end of our life? What will souls remember about me, or you in the end? Is it how big was your bank balance? Which house you lived in? How many children you brought up? Which movies you took part in? Which deals you struck? What you invented, even if it was not for the good of all?

We are so caught up in trying to gather more, or to move farther and make a bigger and brighter everything in our life. But in that rat race, we are losing the real purpose of living, which is to create bonds of love, and to leave lasting memories in the hearts of all.

For me a special person I have known for many years, left his body on 8th September, 2018 at 10.00 pm in India. He managed many departments and had many people working under him. He had a gentle and natural leadership style of guiding with love and respect. Needless to say, he was a meditator for a long time and had been on his spiritual journey for 59 years. Yet what most people remember about him are not his skills and how much he created, managed and developed, but how well he treated everyone. Everyone remembers him for his virtues, his qualities, for his love and for his kind nature! He is remembered for how he had treated them, and he had made them feel.

“It is not death that a man should fear,
but he should fear never beginning to live.”
Marcus Aurelius

He was very active, but lived a very simple lifestyle. His death was kind of sudden. There were little aches and pains as would be expected for a 71-year-old body, but nothing major, so his death came as a surprise. Does death ask before coming? Do any of us know the time of our final moment? Yet, why is it that we live like we are here forever? It is good to develop a healthy respect and relationship with death. This does not take away from our enjoyment of our lives, but at the back of our mind, we are also aware that all this is temporary and that what matters most is what we are doing to invest for our future. It’s very much like being a student. One can spend hours with friends at parties and discos, when one should really be studying and ‘investing’ in one’s future.

And this kind of investment, you can’t do overnight? You can plant the wheat seeds today, but don’t expect the harvest of wheat to be there to make those chapattis tomorrow! Many seeds take time to germinate! They need loving attention, the right soil, sunshine, water and the right nutrients. Do we treat our relationships with such tender loving care and patience? Or do we expect a return of love and respect, at the very next instant?

Also, this soul was very confident and secure in his life and with his life. He did not have the need to hoard money and possessions even though he handled a lot of money and commanded a lot of power. He did not worry how he would be looked after? Whether he would be taken care of or not? Many would take advantage of their power and position and build empires for themselves, but… Nah! Nah! Not this soul! He was secure because he understood the knowledge of karma, which is, just keep doing your best in loving kindness and your karma will take care of you.

Such souls are rare to find in this day and age. We know that in some places corruption and deceit have become rampant and part of the norm. I am glad to have known such a soul, and by chance I happen to be in India and attended his funeral and paid my last respects, in a loving tribute to such a majestic and noble soul. And I can say from my heart, that I am proud to have known such a special soul, and that he had been part of my life. I, and many other souls will share in the love and with great peace, for his last Om Shanti.

Maybe it would be good for each and every one of us to really appreciate and honour those loving souls who are or were in our life. Better still to really give thanks for them being in our lives whilst they are still here. With gratitude give thanks to those souls who have touched our lives deeply at our very heart. Best not to delay, because as the saying goes: “Who has seen tomorrow?”

It’s Time… for us to ask ourselves: What we will be leaving behind in the end? Will we be leaving our memorial in someone’s heart when our time comes? Are we investing in our relationships now? To receive not just a garland of flowers at the end of our life, but to receive a garland of blessings is a great fortune.


Vallap Dada passed away on 8th September 2018. He will truly be missed.


© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK

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