What’s Your Age?

What’s Your Age?

Asking someone’s age is not something we do very often. Yet ageing is a fact of life. There couldn’t be more to the truth than ageing, and yet we find it hard to admit that we are indeed getting older as every second goes by.  We stop telling our real age, or stop at forty or sometimes even go counting backwards! Time does not stop for anyone and especially for our cells which tell all.  They continue to do their thing and before we know it, another year has gone by and a few more wrinkles have appeared!

Why is it that we are embarrassed to mention our age in later years?  In fact, we should be proud of all the grey hairs and the experience that we bring to the table.  Ageing comes without being invited but why do we think so far ahead, as if to our grave? That is only one side of the coin.  Ageing also means to appreciate every past and present moment, memory and magic that has taken place in your life.  Even as you read this, you are ageing, but choose to see the positive and beneficial.

Therefore, before answering the person who asks you your age, consider that there are in fact four ages to consider:

Biological Age – Time of your birth
Mental Age – Level of your maturity
Psychological Age – How old you really feel
Spiritual Age – How old your soul feels

For example, you could be biologically fifty years old, but you could feel psychologically 25 years of age, and at the same time spiritually 80+ years. This is why it is sometimes difficult to tell someone’s physical age.  Your body and behaviour reflect the age that you feel.

Some children appear to be wise beyond their age, I have observed this with kids and teenagers. In this instance it could be that they are an old soul in a young body.  They can be extremely receptive, conscious and wise, just like an experienced person.

I must confess, it is a bit of a test when someone calls me ‘aunty’ seeing my silver hair, whereas inside I feel like a 20-year-old, young in spirit and heart! It’s true that we live in an age where beauty, appearance and youth are seen as desirable, and signs of age as something to be avoided as evidenced by the amounts of money that people will willingly pay to hold back the ravages of time through potions, lotions or surgery. But as we continue to become more enlightened about the reality of who we are inside – unlimited beings – then we are able to rise above this skin-deep illusion. Those who can see through beyond body will be able to appreciate the beauty of soul behind it.

Experience is more important than age, in my experience! Age is related to the body, while the soul is eternal.  What is the age of the soul?  No one is able to answer that, and yet all faiths agree that the soul is immortal.  That means I have always existed and always will.  What I am experiencing through this body is fleeting and temporary; this too shall pass.

Once we come into the feeling of our eternity there is nothing like it.  In this state, we do not even think about our age.  And funnily enough, as we forget our age, so do others.  Which is why spiritual people are seemingly timeless and ageless.  In fact, everyone is able to relate them, young and old, there seems no barrier.

So, do not be shy about telling your age next time someone asks you! Be proud of your age and say it openly and if they are on your wavelength, they will feel your spirit and not your age!

It’s time… to stop worrying about time and wrinkles, and start being yourself.


© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK




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T D Garg

The article ‘what is your age, makes one understand the reality of life and basically changes ones perception of life how one should live love and laugh your life through spiritual path.