The Power of Positivity is in Your Hands

The Power of Positivity is in Your Hands


It is important for us to stay in a positive mind frame at all times. Only we can do that for ourselves, for only we have the switch to our own mind. When a situation arises there is nothing to be gained from getting nervous, negative or upset. Just stay focused on what you need to do and success will soon follow.

Below are some sentences we can affirm to ourselves in different situations. We speak them in the quietness of our mind, with conviction and belief. No need to tell anyone. Then, the silence becomes the fodder for this attitude and intention to work. As I begin to think positive thoughts, those thoughts and feelings ripple out into the world creating positive vibrations. Others pick up on them, and even they will begin to become positive over time. Life needs to be watered with the nectar of positive thinking.

Over the years I have found that this kind of attitude and thinking helps me to keep my peace and happiness. I really believe in the power of positive self-talk.

Here are some thoughts that may help you along your way.



Can’t have what you want?
Whether relationships or objects; we struggle trying to get them, and then trying to keep or support them! Try these words: “I have the means within me to attract all that I need. Money is not the only means to fulfill my desires, there are a thousand other ways. I am creative in attracting what I need. I am deserving, I easily receive that which I want. I have healthy relationships and abundance in all ways.

Don’t have money to pay the bills?
Here is what you can say to yourself. “I have abundance in everything. Money is coming to me. I have enough to pay all my bills. I can see the flow appearing. I am worthy to receive and deserve to live comfortably.”

Someone doesn’t understand you?
Many times, we feel we are banging our heads against a brick wall with some people! If so, try these sentences. “Everyone understands me. I am understandable! I see clarity and they see it clearly before them also. They are smart and sensible. The penny is about to drop. My patience will pay off.”

Can’t forgive someone?
When you feel you can’t forgive someone, it often means that there is something that you need to forgive yourself for. So let’s begin with this. “I love myself and so I forgive myself first and foremost. I have a big heart. A heart that is so full that it can forgive everyone. I am powerful, therefore I forgive. I will take the first step in giving –‘fore-give’.”

Your children don’t listen to you?
Oh, how many times have we heard this? The truth of the matter is, is it them, or is it us? “I love my children. They can feel my love. They see my pure intention in what I am explaining to them. They can see beyond my words. They see my care and guardianship. They understand my motives. My children are good, smart and sensible. They are mannered and behave with respect.

Lost Keys?
Say, for example, you have lost your Keys. Here is what you can say to yourself. “I am calm and collected. I see the keys appearing within a few minutes. They will reveal themselves to me shortly. I have found myself, so how can I possibly lose anything! I am always lucky in finding things. Everything comes to me easily.”


Trying to improve your relationship or marriage?
Everything is breaking down in the world, and relationships are no exception. Unless we inject relationships with positive energy, they crumble. “He/she is my good friend. My marriage is a happy union. I appreciate that one very much. He/she is very good; very good to me. There is light between us. Love between us. I am so fortunate to have this one in my life. I am happy.”

Not getting any success?
“Success is my birthright. Success follows me like a shadow. I am successful in all that I do. Success has a whole new meaning for me. If not me, then who? I am successful.”

Not happy?
“My happiness is increasing ever day! Happiness is now here! (and not ‘happiness is no where’ – same letters!) I am happy beyond measure. Happiness is my true nature. I have many things to be happy and thankful about in my life. I only create happy and positive thoughts. Happiness is my middle name! Happiness is Me! I have so much to be happy about. I am surrounded by happy people. I am happy just because I am.”

So as you can see, it is quite easy to create these simple positive statements. Start with them, even if you don’t feel them, cos we have to begin somewhere and with some positive thought, even if the belief system is not yet quite convinced.

Stay focused more on what you want, and how you want it to work out. Do not give attention to what is not working, or to the negative. For, whatever you give your attention to, you give life to.

Have some fun. Now create some of your own positive statements in reference to your own personal life and issues. Good Luck!

It’s time… to let go of the negative and replace with the positive. Focus on what you do want, not what you don’t, and see the new energy flow into your life.





© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK






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