Inner Peace Inner Power Retreat, 2016

Inner Peace Inner Peace Retreat, 2016


This year was the 8th ‘Inner Peace Inner Power’ Retreat held at the Headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris in Mt Abu, India. It was truly an amazing energy that we, the 104 guests and 45 helpers and guides, collectively created on the holy mountain top.

Mt Abu is a popular touristic destination and a summer getaway for many around the state of Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is home to several temples that devotees make a point to visit once in their life.

As always, every participant seemed to have felt a shift in their soul in some way and many left with a higher purpose in mind or to live life differently and not just materially. One person excitedly commented that he felt it was truly God’s energy behind all this work!

We do this every year to give people a chance to live a life of spirituality 24/7. We wake up at 4am for early morning meditation together. Then after tea and shower, our first spirituality class begins at 6:30am and this is followed by stretch exercises and a walk through the valley. Breakfast is well earned by then! Other sessions continue throughout the morning and evening and there are outings in the middle of the day to various interesting places too.

Below are some pictures to give you a fragrance of this magical experience.

Om Shanti


Location of the Retreat, ACADEMY FOR A BETTER WORLD, Mt Abu, India
gyan-sarovar-2 dome-med gyan-sarovar-4








Nature walk in Silence during Silence Day. Appreciation of all the five elements.
walk walk-2 walk-3





Visit to the Global Hospital and Research Centre which is a hospital run by the Brahma Kumaris in Mt Abu.





Morning walk – meeting the animals and local villagers
morning-walk local-villagers





Morning Stretch exercises which included four types of laughter!! and dance for ten mins!





Meeting Dadi was the highlight of the Retreat! She said she loved the title Inner Peace Inner Power. Without Peace there is no Power and without Power no Peace. its all here inside, she concluded!
dadi-6 dadi-7





Aruna and some participants from Asia.




Peace Park is run and managed by the Brahma Kumaris. It has flora and fauna from over a hundred countries around the world. You can see the top most point of the mountain from this picture, GURU SHIKAR! The local village girls performed a couple of dances for the guests!
games-3 games-2 gamespeace-park-2 peace-park




Session on Karma Philosophy


Panel Discussion


Other speakers
speakers-3 speakrs-3 speakers-2 speakers




Art from the Heart – A cultural program by the GUESTS for the HOSTS 🙂 Amazing Talent!
cultural-4art-from-heart-2 art-from-heart





We were entertained by local dancers
art-from-heart-3 art-from-heart-5 cultural




Translators working hard



Michelle the artist, added colour and creativity throughout the retreat. You were Fab Mich!
michelle-3 michelle-2 michelle



Meditation Laboratory in the plaza
med-labmed-lab-5 med-lab-4





Creativity Workshop
creativity-3 creativity-2 creativity-1



Aruna and Sujata infront of Michelle’s scrumptuous painting!



Meditation on ‘Baba’s Rock’ Truly Amazing and Powerful!
rock-5 rock-2 rockbabas-rock-aruna


Om Shanti


Just take a moment, enjoy and move onto the next beautiful moment…



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8 Responses to “Inner Peace Inner Power Retreat, 2016”

  • Om Shanti Aruna behn,
    Thanks for sharing…..what seems to be a wonderful event!
    The pictures tell the story….as the saying goes, “a picture is worth a 1000 words”
    Must have been a mesmerizing experience for the participants……..Keep it up!!
    Wah Baba!

  • Thanks a lot BK Aruna!!!!
    Collection of pics is amazing. Seeing these was like I myself visited the place, experienced peace, met with those beautiful souls.
    Thanks again for making my visit to GOD’s home!!!!!!!


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