• Haven’t I Met You Before?

    Haven’t I Met You Before? How often have you met someone for (apparently) the first time but felt that you knew them already? Or you’re pretty sure that you have met them previously… and yet it’s not possible in this lifetime. Could ‘previously’ mean in another lifetime? For those who subscribe to the notion of Continue reading »

  • WOW and WAH!

    WOW and WAH! We are already into the second week of the new year, and there is a strong likelihood that already some of our new year’s resolutions have already gone astray! Keeping a light heart and gently reinforcing our positive and determined attitude will keep us going when the motivation is flagging!

  • 2014 – Year of Meditation and Mindfulness

    Meditation is a tool that has been used for centuries to calm the mind, reduce stress and bring enlightenment.  Just 20 minutes a day can rejuvenate a tired mind and body and help your brain to recharge.  And that’s not to mention the multitude of positive long-term effects.  Meditation has been proven philosophically, medically and Continue reading »

  • Looking Back and Moving Forward

    In some parts of the world, the number 13 is thought to be unlucky. And looking back on 2013, some may have felt that their fears had come true in the worst ways possible. Noticing a few highlighted photos of 2013 that have made it to our desk, it’s evident that the year was a Continue reading »

  • Seasons Greetings to All from It’s Time…

    Dear Friends, Family and all ‘It’s Time…’ readers, Seasons Greetings to you all, To quote the famous movie, this year has ‘Gone With the Wind’. It only seems as if it were yesterday when we entered January 2013 with our stockings full of promises and resolutions. How many of them did we manage to fulfill? Continue reading »

  • Gift-Giving with a Difference

    For many people, whether they care to admit it or not, Christmas is about presents. Far-sighted folks will start stockpiling gifts from summer sales, whilst the ‘last minute dot coms’ will be harrying around (last minute) to find the right offering. Presents are a good thing, satisfying to give and nice to receive. Yet as Continue reading »

  • On Time

    Animals by instinct do the same thing each day at the same time of day without the need of a clock. I remember a cat that used to come by our house every evening at 7pm – I don’t ever remember seeing her wearing a Cartier or a Rolex! So why is it that human Continue reading »

  • ‘You’ll never guess what I just heard!’

    Sometimes we just cant wait to pass on the latest piece of information that we just heard. Or we have an urge to seek out the juiciest bit of news about who’s doing what with whom and when and where… But is it fact or fiction? And do we realise that in the process of Continue reading »

  • Ignite Your Light

    Diwali is a great time of celebration in the Hindu calendar, and this spectacular event will be celebrated on 3rd November throughout the world. In reality its true significance is something that touches all of our lives. It is often described as the ‘festival of lights’, and the idea of light as a symbol of Continue reading »

  • Choose to be Calm

    It’s always encouraging to know that we have a choice in everything we do, even if we might eventually choose the same thing that is already in place or on offer. Knowing that we have an option empowers us! The fact that we have a choice makes us feel that we are in charge of Continue reading »