It’s Time… for Relationships

book1_coverIt’s Time… for Relationships

How spiritual wisdom can bring freedom in relationships.

About the book …

Although we live in an imperfect world we expect our relationships to be perfect. For those of us on a spiritual journey, how we see our relationships is a reflection of ourselves. In this thoughtful book, based on her own experiences and inner reflections, author Aruna Ladva explores the many different relationships we have in our lives, both with others and with ourselves. Drawn from her successful blog ‘It’s Time’, Aruna looks at how we can value ourselves and others, how we can build strong relationships and find pure love, how we can overcome challenges in life and, ultimately, how we can find closure when the door to a relationship closes for the last time. So, if you are tired of quick fixes, and wish to get to the root of your relationship problems,

Amazon Kindle (eBook) version of “It’s Time… for Relationships” is now available for sale.  Click HERE to purchase.

Go to Inspired Stillness to purchase a hardcopy.

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Watch Aruna Ladva introduces “It’s Time… for Relationships – How spiritual wisdom can bring freedom in relationships” during a book launch in the UK:

‘It’s Time… for Relationships’ is also available in Vietnamese



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