• Peace in the Park

    Peace in the Park This week I have had the great fortune to participate in ‘Peace in the Park’, the festival of spirit held annually at the Global Retreat Centre, Oxford England. With around three hundred events happening over 3 days, this festival is created with a big heart to bring a little more compassion, Continue reading »

  • Self-Respect

    Self-Respect   There are many diseases prevalent in the world today, yet one of the greatest of all seems to be a lack of self respect. This sickness is because we have lost sight of the power that lies within us and we search for it elsewhere. We unwittingly give away this power to things Continue reading »

  • Meet a 100 Year Yogi

    Meet a 100 Year Yogi   This week’s ‘It’s Time’ is a very personal message in honour of Dadi Janki, a Yogini, Peace Messenger and a font of wisdom who is currently celebrating her 100th Year. Dadi has overwhelmed everyone in the region during her short time in Kuwait. She is touching hearts and moving Continue reading »

  • Back to Basics II

    Back to Basics II In a world where consumerism is getting increasingly crazy — the word ‘unsustainable’ was surpassed a long time ago — is it such a bad thing to consider getting ‘back to basics’.  Most youngsters have grown up in a disposable culture – a world where things don’t wear out, they just get dumped Continue reading »