• The Fragrance of Spirituality

    The Fragrance of Spirituality Not surprisingly, body odour has a lot to do with what we eat and drink. But did you know that it is also affected by the way we think. Just as meat, onions and the pungent spices of chilli and garlic can create a… well… foul odour in the bathroom, so Continue reading »

  • Becoming Super-Human

    Becoming Super-Human   There are many myths, stories and historical evidence pointing to the fact that elevated beings with a higher intelligence than ours, once walked this earth. They were refined, divine, elevated and super-human. Sometimes known as deities, gods and goddesses or angels. They had powers far above what we possess today. So if Continue reading »

  • Suddenly

    Suddenly No, I am not referring to the popular romantic song by Billy Ocean. ‘Suddenly’ is a reference to the surprising and not so romantic events that continue to happen around the world. ‘Suddenly’ something can happen in our life: an earthquake, a car accident, a betrayal… and we are changed forever. Life is no Continue reading »