• ‘Degrees’ of Happiness

    ‘Degrees’ of Happiness Those who work hard to acquire their Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees and even their PhD’s should also consider securing a Degree in Happiness. Paper certificates are not enough to carry us through the voyage of life, we also need an education in mastering happiness. Imagine if happiness were truly an art – Continue reading »

  • Authenticity

    Authenticity ‘All that glitters is not gold’ is a wise old saying.  Yet, even whilst knowing this fact we still run after things that magnetize us with their lustre and sparkle, things such as a brand new car, a shiny red apple, or fake jewellery. Isn’t it a paradox that we desire to live in a Continue reading »

  • Busy-ness is Laziness

    Busy-ness is Laziness Laziness and its companions, lethargy and sloth are such paralyzing habits that they can make a highly intelligent, a very rich, or even a very religious person completely destroy their life and fortune. Laziness can take many forms, such as idleness, apathy, procrastination and inertia amongst others. It may stem from boredom, Continue reading »