It’s Time… for Self-Empowerment

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There’s a time for everything – and everything has its own time. Across the world there is a desire for change, and now is the time. People are looking for change at an external level, be it political, social, or environmental. People are looking for positive change in systems, in organisations, and in relationships. Perhaps most important of all, people are looking for change in the self. A better way of living, feeling and being.


Conflict Resolution - Free Download

As a Certified Negotiator in Conflict Resolution, Aruna works to promote inner peace and harmony. She self published ‘Conflict Resolution’ in March 2014 and offer it as a free download to benefit all who wishes to have some tips on the topic of conflict resolution in the hope to promote peace and harmony in all areas of life.

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It's Time... for Change

If time changes me then time is my master, but if I change
before time, then I am the master.

To be able to choose and initiate change in one’s life is a very empowering feeling because it confirms that I am in control of my tomorrow. This is mastery over the self – and the real meaning and purpose of Raja Yoga. It is also the reason why I love pursuing this magical journey of self-improvement.

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