Aruna's NEW book 'It's Time... to be Cool' is launched!

She plays on the word ‘cool’, but the underlying state of being that she is inviting us to invoke for ourselves is that of being calm, free from tension, and free from overwhelming emotions that impair our judgement.

In this fourth book, Aruna again offers new and sometimes surprising perspectives on dealing with everyday challenges.  As one who sincerely seeks change, Aruna writes from the heart, as well as from her experience of approaching and experimenting with life from the inside out. [continue here… ]


It's Time... for Change

If time changes me then time is my master, but if I change
before time, then I am the master.

To be able to choose and initiate change in one’s life is a very empowering feeling because it confirms that I am in control of my tomorrow. This is mastery over the self – and the real meaning and purpose of Raja Yoga. It is also the reason why I love pursuing this magical journey of self-improvement.

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